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The Four Major Keys To Success:

You must motivate yourself to pursue your goal. This is always the first step no matter the size of the goal. Big or small, you must be motivated to achieve it.

You must appreciate the amount of work, energy and time you are required to put into achieving your goal and remember that there are no real short cuts and nothing is handed to you.

You must dedicate yourself TO all of the steps that lay ahead of you. Finding motivation to achieve the end goal is easy. Realizing how much work lies ahead is scary and dedicating yourself to that work is the real challenge.

You must elevate your entire state of mind. What you think is what you manifest. If you view something as too big to achieve, you simply won't achieve it. If you view it as something you've already done a dozen times in your mind, you will find it much easier to achieve. Turn what is currently your "above and beyond" into your expected bare minimum and be confident that you absolutely WILL achieve it. Once you have elevated your state of mind, you will soon see yourself elevated in all aspects of life, including the very goal you are pursuing.